Weight Loss Programs For Women

Weight Loss Programs For Women

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Weight loss programs for women include many diets that are thought to be great for women who want to lose weight. There’s a broccoli diet and even a taco diet. Although I love tacos, I’m not sure I’d want a steady diet of them, if you can’t imagine stuffing yourself with a ton of broccoli every day (broccoli for breakfast anyone?) read on to see what science has proven to help you lose weight.

Drink Water Before Meals

Weight loss programs for women usually advise you to drink water before meals. This actually does help with weight loss. It can also boost your energy level. Studies have shown that drinking two glasses of water about 30 minutes before meals can suppress your appetite so you end up eating less.

Protein or Eggs For Breakfast instead of Cereal

Now that doesn’t mean eating 3 or 4 eggs, but eat one extra-large egg in the morning as part of your breakfast. An egg will help you eat less for the whole day and then some. However, for those who hate eggs, a lean source of protein can substitute.

Black Coffee 

Coffee is full of antioxidants. And while studies come out almost every month or so, alternately praising and demonizing it, it can increase your energy. The latest study shows that coffee is good for you: https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.2004408  Just don’t add cream or sugar or make a laite out of it.

Green Tea

Green tea also has antioxidants. It has a little caffeine in it, but there are varieties that are decaffeinated. Some people advocate green tea supplements. Regardless, the evidence suggests green tea may help you lose weight. I don’t know if that’s true but drinking more liquids that aren’t sweetened will suppress your appetite and keep you hydrated. Supposedly, caffeine dehydrates you, so drink more water if you like caffeinated beverages.

Short-term Fasting

This can be an effective way to jump start your diet. But if you are doing this, please drink lots of fluids. You might try it for a day or even instead of eating dinner. It’s not something to consider if you have health issues.

Don’t Add Sugar

Even though a teaspoon of sugar doesn’t have many calories, it has been associated with obesity and diabetes. So if you like jam with your toast, buy the naturally sweetened variety and look at the labels. Don’t buy anything with high-fructose corn syrup added to it either. And know that fruit juice has lots of sugar!

Eat Fewer Refined Carbohydrates

That means pasta, rice and bread that has the fiber stripped from them. Eat whole grains. This is a difficult one if you eat out a lot. Although restaurants have caught on to the importance of listing calorie amounts for their menu items, they tend to serve refined bread, rice and pasta.

Smaller Portions 

Try cutting your portions by one-fourth. When you get used to that, try cutting them by another fourth, so you’re eating half as much. Some people say use a smaller plate, but I’m not sure that really fools us into eating less.

Count Your Calories

There are many calorie counting calories out there. Use them as a guide, only. Because a small banana to one person may be different for another. They are good if you are the one doing the cooking because you can control what you put in your recipe.

Have Portable Healthy Food Around 

Keep snacks that are healthy and easy to take with you, such as fruit, carrots, radishes, unsalted and unsweetened nuts, low fat and low sugar yogurt.

Eat Spicy Food

Some say chili peppers can increase your energy and make you eat less. But if you don’t have a tolerance for chili peppers, put spice in your food that you like. It makes eating more pleasurable. Just not salt. That isn’t good for you and it can make you retain water.


All weight loss programs for women should include exercise. Try some light-aerobics. Aerobics doesn’t mean you have to do jumping jacks for an hour, but it does mean move that body. Stepping in place, walking, doing some calisthenics are effective ways to burn fat and increase your health. They also make you feel happier.

Weight Lifting

The problem with many low-calorie diets is muscle loss. Lifting weights can help retain muscle mass. If you’ve never lifted weights before, start with one pound weights that you can strap on your wrists or ankles. Then gradually move up to 5-pound or 10-pound weights. But you need to eat more protein. It makes it easier to gain muscle.

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

They’ll fill you up and they have lots of fiber and vitamins.

Eat Slower

If you gulp your food down you’ll soon be looking for something else to eat. Take time to chew your food.

Get Some Sleep

People who sleep at least 7-8 hours a night are healthier and have more energy. And more energy means you’ll be burning more fat.

Eat Protein

High protein diets will increase your energy and are less fattening than eating a bowl of pasta. But be smart about it. A few pieces of pizza loaded with cheese has protein, but the crust is loaded with refined carbs. Having a slice of cheese is fine, but a dish of macaroni and cheese is not. Too much cheese is overdoing it.

No Fad Diet Foods

The best weight loss programs for women are to eat healthy, unrefined food. Moderation is the key. Fad diets rarely work. People can’t stick to them, and they aren’t always the healthiest options. Eating healthy does. Keep your portions small, avoid sweets, stick to an exercise plan, and once you see how much progress you’ve made, you’ll know that weight loss programs for women are just eating for good health.I know these suggestions sound like a no-brainer, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of what we already know.