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Quick weight loss for woman as she holds a bowl of salad while measuring her waist.     

Quick weight loss is something we all need from time to time. I put up this site to help people achieve their weight loss goals. So if you need to lose weight fast, check out the rest of my site. I’m not a nutritionist, but I want to be healthy even when I’m burning fat. I don’t use any rapid weight loss pills or energy drinks. So on this site you’ll find ideas on how to lose weight naturally, how to lose weight with exercise, how to lose weight without exercise and many other fat loss tips.

Quick weight loss tips are something that I have developed over the years. My name is Jenna Tomkins. And for a long time I struggled with weight gain. But after much trial and error I have finally achieved my ideal weight. But whenever I find myself backsliding, I go on a the best diet plan for women that works for me. The reason why I include many diet plans and slim tips is because not everything that works on one person will work on another. Also in this website is my soup recipe that has kept me slim.

Healthy Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss recipes and fat loss ideas are geared to keeping you healthy while you reduce. Because what’s the point of being thin if you feel miserable and weak? That means eat plenty of vegetables, protein and fiber. And drink a lot of water. I find if I eat healthy and exercise I feel better and I have lots of energy. I don’t pretend to know everything about vitamins, so please consult your health practitioner about that. But I do take them. Just don’t overdo. Real food is the best vitamin. And stay happy. Remember, you will achieve your goal if you set your mind to it!

Here’s A Quick Weight Loss Diet

Need to lose weight fast but don’t have time to stock up on diet foods or change your lifestyle? And you hate the thought of dieting? Do you need to lose weight in 2 weeks or in 7 days? Or sooner?

Here’s how to do that without making any drastic sacrifices.

Go without at least one food item per day

 And cut your portions. For example, suppose you normally eat two eggs and two pieces of toast for breakfast. Instead, the first day of your diet, you eat one egg and one piece of toast, or one egg and two pieces of toast if it’s Monday and you can’t face the office with just one piece of toast on your first diet day.

Tuesday and the rest of the week, you have one egg and one piece of toast.

If lunch is a tuna sandwich, have it on one piece of bread instead of two. Or just eat it on lettuce––without adding salad dressing, because that would defeat the purpose. Unless you’re putting on plain mustard or soy sauce.

If you always have a salad with your dinner, seven days a week, eat a salad only 3 days a week, or cut out salad for the week. You know you pile on that fattening dressing because it tastes better that way.

If you always have rolls with your dinner, forget the rolls and have a second helping of vegetables. And obviously, no cake, cookies, pies or other desserts.

Don’t eat junk food.

If it’s your habit to have potato chips or French fries for a mid-day snack, drink water instead or eat an apple, an orange, or a low calorie fruit that’s in season.

Drink plenty of water

Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night

Go to bed a feeling little hungry

This is most important. Because the next day that’s when you’ll find you’ve lost some weight.

Make a game of it.

What can you give up today to make you lighter on the scale tomorrow?

Up your game

Cut your portions a little more each day. Don’t be afraid to face the scale every morning. But do it before breakfast–that way you’ll have a guide to go by.


Walk at least 20 minutes a day. If you already do this, then walk 30 minutes a day. And add another type of exercise 3 times a week, such as aerobics or weightlifting.

Smile more

That’ll chase away the grumpiness quick weight loss diets tend to bring on.

Get to know your body

For some people, just cutting out dessert will take 5 pounds off in no time. For others, it may take cutting out more than that. Some people can take 5 to 10 pounds off by exercising a little more each day and skipping bread at dinner.

Once you start this quick diet plan you will find it’s one of the best weight loss programs for women to lose weight fast because it’s not that hard to stick to. And it’s easy to start. Just cut out a little more food every day.