How to Reduce Tummy Fat

How to Reduce Tummy Fat - Obese Man Measured by Doctor


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How to Reduce Tummy Fat

How to reduce tummy fat — that’s the big question in today’s body-conscious world. Because of all the low-rise jeans on the market, unwanted bulges seem to plague many of us. Some people beat this problem by not wearing low-rise styles or by wearing loose tunics over leggings. But as mentioned before, tummy fat is not just a problem because it looks bad. It’s bad for your health. It’s associated with many diseases.

Try These:

How to reduce tummy fat — This Shows How:

  1. Don’t Eat Sugar. Eating foods with added sugar will clog your liver and this sugar will turn into fat. Studies have shown that this leads to more people developing fat in this region of the bodies as well as in your liver. And these fat cells can cause some to become obese. Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks such as juices and sports drinks. But a diet that includes fresh fruit is healthy and does not lead to tummy fat.
  2. Eat More Protein. Protein reduces your hankering for the munchies and eating less will cut down on that big bulge in your tummy. As well make you look fit all over, if that’s part of your plan. But make sure it’s lean protein.
  3. Eat Fewer Refined Carbohydrates. They not only add water weight and make your stomach look bigger, but they add fat. Diets that contain fewer carbohydrates can lead to more weight loss  and fat loss in your stomach.
  4. Eat Lots of Foods Rich in Fiber. But some fiber-filled foods are better than others. Fibers that come from fruits, vegetables and oats are most constructive for getting the bulge off your stomach.
  5. Exercise. Walking, aerobics, bicycle riding, yoga–that’s what we mean by exercising. Any exercising will contribute to your overall health and aid in the reduction of stomach fat.

Have you tried the above suggestions and you still can’t reduce tummy fat?

I have a little secret that has worked for me. I know people say targeted exercise won’t reduce your belly, but here’s what has worked for me. In other one of my posts, I mentioned bike riding exercise routine that I do. I don’t have a bike path so I bought a stationary bike. But it’s not the full bike. I sit on a chair, hold on to the handlebars–which can also rotate–and pedal as fast as I can, with weights around my wrists and ankles. And as I pedal I lift my torso as if I’m trying to sit up straighter, then I move my torso from side-to-side. I’m  working my stomach muscles when I’m doing this and using more energy than if I kept my torso still. I do this 3 times a week. And my waist and belly are getting smaller.

And many people have tried this one with great success:

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