Lose Weight With Salads

Lose Weight With Salads - green salad, vegetables in black bowl  

Lose Weight With Salads

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Lose weight with salads. They will fill you up. And if you’re dieting, you’ll lose more weight if you eat more salads. That’s what we’ve always heard. But is this true? Walk into any restaurant during lunch or dinner and check out who’s eating the salads. Or when you’re out to eat with friends, don’t those with more of a weight problem than others often order salad instead of a heavier meal? If they’re eating so much salad, why are they still overweight?

Salads can actually be full of calories because of the high calorie, high fat salad fixings people put in them. A salad loaded with cheese, avocados, croutons and topped with a creamy dressing is not going to make anyone lose weight. Likewise, a salad of green veggies with diet dressing doesn’t have many calories, but it can’t substitute for a complete meal or even a satisfying salad. Anyone who eats that and hopes to lose weight with salads is going to be hungry later on. And you know what that means? A chance to snack on fast food or French fries just because they’re handy. The small calorie lunch they got from their salad didn’t keep them full long enough.

If you’re going to lose weight with salads you need to use low calorie salad ingredients. That seems elementary, but most people either don’t know this or pretend they’re doing right by their diet.

 What About Potato Salad or Ambrosia?

Just because something is listed as a salad on a menu doesn’t make it one. Skip the potato and pasta salads and anything with marshmallows in it, as well as salads with dressing already mixed into it.

The Definition of a Salad

Salads start with raw green lettuces such as romaine, spinach, kale, radicchio, endive, red leaf.   These are low calorie salad ingredients. Cabbages, red, white, purple also great in salads. Cut everything into small pieces. Next, put some vegetables in it. These should be raw. They will add more flavor and crunchiness to salad–and get you to chew more. The more you chew, the longer it takes to finish your salad and the less time you have during your meal to reach for something else–like bread or even dessert. They also provide nutrients and vitamins.

Vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, onions, shallots, even raw mushrooms taste great in salads. Of course, carrots and tomatoes are also good.

Salad Dressing

This is where it’s hard to lose with salads. Most commercial dressings are loaded with calories.  And trans fat, which contributes to belly fat and certain diseases. To avoid this, sprinkle some red vinegar on your salad and or some lemon juice. And add spices or herbs such as parsley, cilantro, chives, fresh basil. Some diet dressings don’t taste too bad, though there always seems to be something missing in them. Like the full-bodied taste of oil.

The real culprits are the creamy low calorie dressings. Creamy dressings are harder to mix into a salad and one tablespoon never is enough. My favorite brand of mayonnaise has a low calorie version that tastes just as good as the original version. At 20 calories a tablespoon I thought I could still enjoy a salad and have my dressing too. But how do you measure off a level tablespoon of a creamy salad dressing? You don’t. It’s always one-heaping tablespoon, which translates to 4 or 5 tablespoons. My salads got bigger and bigger and after a few months I had gained 10 pounds. I lost those pounds when I stopped eating salad with my dinner.

Full Meal Salads

If you are going to make a real meal out of your salad, you should add some protein. At least 3 ounces of lean protein. Avoid processed protein like bologna or turkey. These add calories but will leave you hungry later on. High-density tofu or fish such as wild salmon and tuna will give you energy and add some needed fat. You can also add walnuts, pecans and pumpkin seeds. Nuts and seeds are a filling way to also add fat to your diet. I like to get my fat sources from nuts rather than from oils or butter. Nuts fill you up and have protein as well as fat. Oil and butter just have fat.

If your dinner is a big salad, don’t add bread or rolls and butter to it. Or cake, thinking you saved so many calories by eating just a salad that you deserve it.

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Weight Reducing Exercises

Weight Reducing Exercises - man riding a bicycle

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Weight Reducing Exercises to Try

Weight reducing exercises can aide in your diet plan. Because it’s not enough to eat less when you want to lose weight fast. If you spend most of your week sitting 8-hours a day at work, you need to find some weight reducing exercises because you don’t have a physically active job. People in construction, gardening, or in jobs that require lots of physical exercise can still gain weight if they eat the wrong kinds of foods. For those active  people, a sensible diet of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and cutting out sweets will get the weight off. But for others who sit all day, exercising along with dieting will get the fat off.

Many people think joining a gym is the answer, but as you may know, people go to the gym for a while and then they stop going. But if you make exercise fun, you will stick to it.

Weight Reducing Exercises that are Fun

Walking in a park or on the beach. Keep up a brisk walk. Make it a power walk. I walk in a park near my house every day. I meet up with a few friends who also walk there. They tend to walk a little slower than I do, so sometimes I speed up and catch them on the way back. I walk every day for at least 30 minutes.

I don’t advocate treadmills because walking in nature is much more enjoyable. Somehow treadmills make walking boring, even while watching TV or listening to music. In inclement weather, find a mall to walk in. Just leave your checkbook, credit and debit card at home. Or you will come home loaded with packages. That may work to exercise your arms, but it will also deplete your bank account.

Bicycle Riding. Find a bicycle path that’s safe. Do it with friends–make an outing out of it. If you don’t have a bike path and don’t want to ride in traffic, get a stationary bike. It’s weird, but I find stationary bikes more fun than electric treadmills because they’re quiet and I can still hear the TV. If you want an even better work out, wear lightweight ankle or wrist weights while using your bike.

I combine 20 minutes of biking in front of the TV with some weight-bearing calisthenics:  10 minutes on the bike wearing weights, then I get off the bike for 5 minutes of weight-lifting exercises for my arms. Hop on the bike again for another 10 minutes. Then I finish it off with 5 minutes of weight-lifting exercises for my legs–a 30-minute workout at home. Do that three times a week, once on Saturday and twice during the week after work or before dinner.

Yoga or Aerobics Classes. You will have a great time exercising and socializing at the same time. If you arrange to meet friends there you’ll be less likely to skip going. I know that sounds elementary, but you won’t want to disappoint your friends by not showing up. And once you’re there, you won’t want to look stupid by not participating.

Don’t Eat Junk Food! That can’t be stressed enough. Just because you are exercising doesn’t mean you can stuff yourself with sweets. It doesn’t work that way. But if you exercise you will find that you will gravitate toward healthier food choices.

These weight reducing exercises will also help to get rid of belly fat and add to your overall health. The main thing is to make exercising fun. If you don’t have an active lifestyle, think of fun ways to add physical activities to your weekends or on the days that you aren’t working.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat

How to Reduce Tummy Fat - Obese Man Measured by Doctor


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How to Reduce Tummy Fat

How to reduce tummy fat — that’s the big question in today’s body-conscious world. Because of all the low-rise jeans on the market, unwanted bulges seem to plague many of us. Some people beat this problem by not wearing low-rise styles or by wearing loose tunics over leggings. But as mentioned before, tummy fat is not just a problem because it looks bad. It’s bad for your health. It’s associated with many diseases.

Try These:

How to reduce tummy fat — This Shows How:

  1. Don’t Eat Sugar. Eating foods with added sugar will clog your liver and this sugar will turn into fat. Studies have shown that this leads to more people developing fat in this region of the bodies as well as in your liver. And these fat cells can cause some to become obese. Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks such as juices and sports drinks. But a diet that includes fresh fruit is healthy and does not lead to tummy fat.
  2. Eat More Protein. Protein reduces your hankering for the munchies and eating less will cut down on that big bulge in your tummy. As well make you look fit all over, if that’s part of your plan. But make sure it’s lean protein.
  3. Eat Fewer Refined Carbohydrates. They not only add water weight and make your stomach look bigger, but they add fat. Diets that contain fewer carbohydrates can lead to more weight loss  and fat loss in your stomach.
  4. Eat Lots of Foods Rich in Fiber. But some fiber-filled foods are better than others. Fibers that come from fruits, vegetables and oats are most constructive for getting the bulge off your stomach.
  5. Exercise. Walking, aerobics, bicycle riding, yoga–that’s what we mean by exercising. Any exercising will contribute to your overall health and aid in the reduction of stomach fat.

Have you tried the above suggestions and you still can’t reduce tummy fat?

I have a little secret that has worked for me. I know people say targeted exercise won’t reduce your belly, but here’s what has worked for me. In other one of my posts, I mentioned bike riding exercise routine that I do. I don’t have a bike path so I bought a stationary bike. But it’s not the full bike. I sit on a chair, hold on to the handlebars–which can also rotate–and pedal as fast as I can, with weights around my wrists and ankles. And as I pedal I lift my torso as if I’m trying to sit up straighter, then I move my torso from side-to-side. I’m  working my stomach muscles when I’m doing this and using more energy than if I kept my torso still. I do this 3 times a week. And my waist and belly are getting smaller.

And many people have tried this one with great success:

Cake Weight Loss








Weight Loss Programs For Women

Weight Loss Programs For Women

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Weight loss programs for women include many diets that are thought to be great for women who want to lose weight. There’s a broccoli diet and even a taco diet. Although I love tacos, I’m not sure I’d want a steady diet of them, if you can’t imagine stuffing yourself with a ton of broccoli every day (broccoli for breakfast anyone?) read on to see what science has proven to help you lose weight.

Drink Water Before Meals

Weight loss programs for women usually advise you to drink water before meals. This actually does help with weight loss. It can also boost your energy level. Studies have shown that drinking two glasses of water about 30 minutes before meals can suppress your appetite so you end up eating less.

Protein or Eggs For Breakfast instead of Cereal

Now that doesn’t mean eating 3 or 4 eggs, but eat one extra-large egg in the morning as part of your breakfast. An egg will help you eat less for the whole day and then some. However, for those who hate eggs, a lean source of protein can substitute.

Black Coffee 

Coffee is full of antioxidants. And while studies come out almost every month or so, alternately praising and demonizing it, it can increase your energy. The latest study shows that coffee is good for you: https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.2004408  Just don’t add cream or sugar or make a laite out of it.

Green Tea

Green tea also has antioxidants. It has a little caffeine in it, but there are varieties that are decaffeinated. Some people advocate green tea supplements. Regardless, the evidence suggests green tea may help you lose weight. I don’t know if that’s true but drinking more liquids that aren’t sweetened will suppress your appetite and keep you hydrated. Supposedly, caffeine dehydrates you, so drink more water if you like caffeinated beverages.

Short-term Fasting

This can be an effective way to jump start your diet. But if you are doing this, please drink lots of fluids. You might try it for a day or even instead of eating dinner. It’s not something to consider if you have health issues.

Don’t Add Sugar

Even though a teaspoon of sugar doesn’t have many calories, it has been associated with obesity and diabetes. So if you like jam with your toast, buy the naturally sweetened variety and look at the labels. Don’t buy anything with high-fructose corn syrup added to it either. And know that fruit juice has lots of sugar!

Eat Fewer Refined Carbohydrates

That means pasta, rice and bread that has the fiber stripped from them. Eat whole grains. This is a difficult one if you eat out a lot. Although restaurants have caught on to the importance of listing calorie amounts for their menu items, they tend to serve refined bread, rice and pasta.

Smaller Portions 

Try cutting your portions by one-fourth. When you get used to that, try cutting them by another fourth, so you’re eating half as much. Some people say use a smaller plate, but I’m not sure that really fools us into eating less.

Count Your Calories

There are many calorie counting calories out there. Use them as a guide, only. Because a small banana to one person may be different for another. They are good if you are the one doing the cooking because you can control what you put in your recipe.

Have Portable Healthy Food Around 

Keep snacks that are healthy and easy to take with you, such as fruit, carrots, radishes, unsalted and unsweetened nuts, low fat and low sugar yogurt.

Eat Spicy Food

Some say chili peppers can increase your energy and make you eat less. But if you don’t have a tolerance for chili peppers, put spice in your food that you like. It makes eating more pleasurable. Just not salt. That isn’t good for you and it can make you retain water.


All weight loss programs for women should include exercise. Try some light-aerobics. Aerobics doesn’t mean you have to do jumping jacks for an hour, but it does mean move that body. Stepping in place, walking, doing some calisthenics are effective ways to burn fat and increase your health. They also make you feel happier.

Weight Lifting

The problem with many low-calorie diets is muscle loss. Lifting weights can help retain muscle mass. If you’ve never lifted weights before, start with one pound weights that you can strap on your wrists or ankles. Then gradually move up to 5-pound or 10-pound weights. But you need to eat more protein. It makes it easier to gain muscle.

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

They’ll fill you up and they have lots of fiber and vitamins.

Eat Slower

If you gulp your food down you’ll soon be looking for something else to eat. Take time to chew your food.

Get Some Sleep

People who sleep at least 7-8 hours a night are healthier and have more energy. And more energy means you’ll be burning more fat.

Eat Protein

High protein diets will increase your energy and are less fattening than eating a bowl of pasta. But be smart about it. A few pieces of pizza loaded with cheese has protein, but the crust is loaded with refined carbs. Having a slice of cheese is fine, but a dish of macaroni and cheese is not. Too much cheese is overdoing it.

No Fad Diet Foods

The best weight loss programs for women are to eat healthy, unrefined food. Moderation is the key. Fad diets rarely work. People can’t stick to them, and they aren’t always the healthiest options. Eating healthy does. Keep your portions small, avoid sweets, stick to an exercise plan, and once you see how much progress you’ve made, you’ll know that weight loss programs for women are just eating for good health.I know these suggestions sound like a no-brainer, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of what we already know.

Diet Dessert

Diet Desert of Frozen Blueberries. Mix it with unsweetened applesauce Diet Dessert

As I mentioned on my first page http://quick-weight-loss.net, this is my favorite diet dessert. If you eat this every night with my soup recipe at https://quick-weight-loss.net/7-day-soup-diet  you will not go to bed feeling dissatisfied or feeling deprived.

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It’s a very simple recipe and inexpensive to make.

You need just three ingredients:  unsweetened applesauce, frozen blueberries and cinnamon.

Here’s what you do:

1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce.

1/2 cup to 1 cup of frozen blueberries. Unsweetened, of course!

Mix them together. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. This is what gives it an added boost of sweetness.

I use frozen blueberries because it makes it seem like I’m eating a sorbet. And they are crunchy.  Because of this they are more filling than fresh or cooked blueberries. Of course, if you like strawberries or blackberries, you are welcome to substitute blueberries for the berries of your choice. Just remember that all the berries should be frozen. That’s the key. It’s just more filling than fresh or cooked berries. I know that some of you will think fresh is always better than frozen. But fresh berries won’t fill you up. I buy the ones grown without pesticides.

Diet Dessert Variations

You might experiment with different brands of applesauce. They all taste a little different. If you don’t like applesauce you can use cut up fresh peaches or pears, depending on the season. In the winter you might even try putting pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon.

If you want to double up on the berries or the applesauce, that’s okay. This is not about counting exact measurements or even calories. The main thing is to fill yourself up and not feel deprived because you aren’t eating anything with added sugar.

After dinner, relax. Drink some water with lemon, or in the winter make yourself a cup of herbal tea.


7-Day Soup Diet

7-Day Soup Diet 7-Day Soup Diet showing carrots


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As promised on the first page of my website, https://quick-weight-loss.net/ this is the soup recipe that helped me lose 18 pounds in less than two months. You can improvise, but just remember not to add any starchy vegetables or noodles or rice. When you run out of the soup, make some more for another seven days. You can eat this for lunch and dinner. Okay, I get that you may be going out with friends or family for dinner while you’re dieting–so use common sense. If you eat out, pick the least fattening thing on the menu and skip dessert. Then the next day, go back to your soup diet.

  1. Two 16-ounce packages of raw, cut carrots. I like baby carrots. But if you feel energetic, you can buy bunches of carrots and cut them up yourself.
  2. Two pounds of squash. You need to cut this up into small pieces. I like yellow squash, but just pick your favorite type.
  3. Four small packages of mushrooms. They add a great flavor to the soup. You can buy them already cut up. Choose your favorite type of mushroom.
  4. Two 16-ounce packages of frozen spinach. Sometimes I buy the organic type. It’s a little more expensive, but that makes my strictly organic friends like me better.
  5. Spices according to your tastes. I use unsalted ground garlic, Trader Joe’s 21-spice, cumin, rosemary, and parsley or cilantro. Other spices that are good are chili powder, turmeric, sage.
  6. Low-salt soy sauce.

Put all these in a very large soup pot. Add water or a combination of water and broth of your choice. Cook for about an hour, or until the vegetables are soft. Refrigerate. And eat a bowl every night for dinner. Before serving, I like to add frozen or fresh broccoli, high density tofu for protein and then I heat up a bowl for myself–it takes five minutes in the microwave.

Salt to taste. But I don’t use any. Remember, salt isn’t that good for you.

7-Day Soup Diet Recipe hints

I don’t cook the soup with broccoli because it gets too soggy if left in the soup pot all week. Plus, I don’t like the way it smells when it’s cooking. I add it when I’m heating up an individual serving.

Now you can improvise. Suppose you hate squash but love Brussels sprouts. As well as onions. Then add them instead or in addition. I find that adding broth instead of water doesn’t taste good to me. In fact, I prefer plain water mixed with low-salt soy sauce. But that’s just me. Other variations include adding some low fat marinara sauce. Just don’t add any that has a lot of cheese in it. A little olive oil in the sauce is a good thing. But not a lot of it. You don’t want this to be a high-fat soup.




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Quick Weight Loss – Welcome!

Burn Those Pounds Off!

Quick weight loss for woman as she holds a bowl of salad while measuring her waist.     

Quick weight loss is something we all need from time to time. I put up this site to help people achieve their weight loss goals. So if you need to lose weight fast, check out the rest of my site. I’m not a nutritionist, but I want to be healthy even when I’m burning fat. I don’t use any rapid weight loss pills or energy drinks. So on this site you’ll find ideas on how to lose weight naturally, how to lose weight with exercise, how to lose weight without exercise and many other fat loss tips.

Quick weight loss tips are something that I have developed over the years. My name is Jenna Tomkins. And for a long time I struggled with weight gain. But after much trial and error I have finally achieved my ideal weight. But whenever I find myself backsliding, I go on a the best diet plan for women that works for me. The reason why I include many diet plans and slim tips is because not everything that works on one person will work on another. Also in this website is my soup recipe that has kept me slim.

Healthy Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss recipes and fat loss ideas are geared to keeping you healthy while you reduce. Because what’s the point of being thin if you feel miserable and weak? That means eat plenty of vegetables, protein and fiber. And drink a lot of water. I find if I eat healthy and exercise I feel better and I have lots of energy. I don’t pretend to know everything about vitamins, so please consult your health practitioner about that. But I do take them. Just don’t overdo. Real food is the best vitamin. And stay happy. Remember, you will achieve your goal if you set your mind to it!

Here’s A Quick Weight Loss Diet

Need to lose weight fast but don’t have time to stock up on diet foods or change your lifestyle? And you hate the thought of dieting? Do you need to lose weight in 2 weeks or in 7 days? Or sooner?

Here’s how to do that without making any drastic sacrifices.

Go without at least one food item per day

 And cut your portions. For example, suppose you normally eat two eggs and two pieces of toast for breakfast. Instead, the first day of your diet, you eat one egg and one piece of toast, or one egg and two pieces of toast if it’s Monday and you can’t face the office with just one piece of toast on your first diet day.

Tuesday and the rest of the week, you have one egg and one piece of toast.

If lunch is a tuna sandwich, have it on one piece of bread instead of two. Or just eat it on lettuce––without adding salad dressing, because that would defeat the purpose. Unless you’re putting on plain mustard or soy sauce.

If you always have a salad with your dinner, seven days a week, eat a salad only 3 days a week, or cut out salad for the week. You know you pile on that fattening dressing because it tastes better that way.

If you always have rolls with your dinner, forget the rolls and have a second helping of vegetables. And obviously, no cake, cookies, pies or other desserts.

Don’t eat junk food.

If it’s your habit to have potato chips or French fries for a mid-day snack, drink water instead or eat an apple, an orange, or a low calorie fruit that’s in season.

Drink plenty of water

Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night

Go to bed a feeling little hungry

This is most important. Because the next day that’s when you’ll find you’ve lost some weight.

Make a game of it.

What can you give up today to make you lighter on the scale tomorrow?

Up your game

Cut your portions a little more each day. Don’t be afraid to face the scale every morning. But do it before breakfast–that way you’ll have a guide to go by.


Walk at least 20 minutes a day. If you already do this, then walk 30 minutes a day. And add another type of exercise 3 times a week, such as aerobics or weightlifting.

Smile more

That’ll chase away the grumpiness quick weight loss diets tend to bring on.

Get to know your body

For some people, just cutting out dessert will take 5 pounds off in no time. For others, it may take cutting out more than that. Some people can take 5 to 10 pounds off by exercising a little more each day and skipping bread at dinner.

Once you start this quick diet plan you will find it’s one of the best weight loss programs for women to lose weight fast because it’s not that hard to stick to. And it’s easy to start. Just cut out a little more food every day.