7-Day Soup Diet

7-Day Soup Diet 7-Day Soup Diet showing carrots


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As promised on the first page of my website, https://quick-weight-loss.net/ this is the soup recipe that helped me lose 18 pounds in less than two months. You can improvise, but just remember not to add any starchy vegetables or noodles or rice. When you run out of the soup, make some more for another seven days. You can eat this for lunch and dinner. Okay, I get that you may be going out with friends or family for dinner while you’re dieting–so use common sense. If you eat out, pick the least fattening thing on the menu and skip dessert. Then the next day, go back to your soup diet.

  1. Two 16-ounce packages of raw, cut carrots. I like baby carrots. But if you feel energetic, you can buy bunches of carrots and cut them up yourself.
  2. Two pounds of squash. You need to cut this up into small pieces. I like yellow squash, but just pick your favorite type.
  3. Four small packages of mushrooms. They add a great flavor to the soup. You can buy them already cut up. Choose your favorite type of mushroom.
  4. Two 16-ounce packages of frozen spinach. Sometimes I buy the organic type. It’s a little more expensive, but that makes my strictly organic friends like me better.
  5. Spices according to your tastes. I use unsalted ground garlic, Trader Joe’s 21-spice, cumin, rosemary, and parsley or cilantro. Other spices that are good are chili powder, turmeric, sage.
  6. Low-salt soy sauce.

Put all these in a very large soup pot. Add water or a combination of water and broth of your choice. Cook for about an hour, or until the vegetables are soft. Refrigerate. And eat a bowl every night for dinner. Before serving, I like to add frozen or fresh broccoli, high density tofu for protein and then I heat up a bowl for myself–it takes five minutes in the microwave.

Salt to taste. But I don’t use any. Remember, salt isn’t that good for you.

7-Day Soup Diet Recipe hints

I don’t cook the soup with broccoli because it gets too soggy if left in the soup pot all week. Plus, I don’t like the way it smells when it’s cooking. I add it when I’m heating up an individual serving.

Now you can improvise. Suppose you hate squash but love Brussels sprouts. As well as onions. Then add them instead or in addition. I find that adding broth instead of water doesn’t taste good to me. In fact, I prefer plain water mixed with low-salt soy sauce. But that’s just me. Other variations include adding some low fat marinara sauce. Just don’t add any that has a lot of cheese in it. A little olive oil in the sauce is a good thing. But not a lot of it. You don’t want this to be a high-fat soup.